Left From Ramsitech

Performing a great role as a senior software engineer and Team Leader, I want to initiate my own Business Officially. Thats why I was left the job and keep myself in my own business.

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$10K Earnings within 1 Year in Fiverr

In the year 2017, I have started freelancing at 26th march. After 1 year my account reached $10,000 earning. Really its a great achievement!

06.30 PM

Convocation of B.Sc.

Its the time for acquire my B.Sc. Engg. Degree From Our Honourable Precendient


Achieve Level 2 in fiverr!

After 4 months of working in fiverr I have earned level 2.


Join M.Sc. In CSE At Jagannath University

It was my first day at jagannath university.


Start Freelancing on Fiverr

Start freelancing on fiverr and reached level 1 seller within 1 month.

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Robotics Thesis paper published on IJMUI

This is my one of the research, published on an Australian Journal.

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Live Awwazz.com Officially

It is my another ecommerce site, powered by my company Ramsitech. Basically it's a kind of shopping community based on bangladesh.

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Launch Ramsitech Official site

After joining Ramsitech, so many projects done by me. On the otherhand i update and redesign it's official site.

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Release Sporsher Baire Music Video

This is my first duet song, released on shopnoghuris youtube chanel

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Release Manena ai mon Music Video

Almost one year later, this is my another music video is released.

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Launch Greenpagebd

This project is developed by me. Here people can register their business and create page and decorate their profile. They can use this page as their company website or business profile. It's totally free.

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Publish Random number generator thesis on IJHIT

This is my another research where i try to find an uniqe random number generation algorithm that can optimise previous generators pitfalls.

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Join At Ramsitech

When I search for a suitable job to shift my current job and my proffesional envirnment, then i found Ramsitech as my choice.


Project presentation ofn Alapan Grand Opening Event

After joining Alapan Utility services I worked for developing their internal systems. One of the system I just presenting in that event.


Join Alapn Utility Services

After completing internship in Projukti corporation I found this job at a high salary for a fresher.


Last Day at BUBT

After four year B.Sc program i complete my thesis defence and complete my graduation.


Publish Captcha thesis paper on IJHIT

As a last year thesis, i research a topic about internet security. Here I propose a new CAPTCHA model that can highly effecient and robust in BOT attack.

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Join Projukti Corporation

During my B.Sc. in BUBT I joined projukti corporation as a software quality assurance and this is a paid internship for me.


Release Vabnara Mele dana music video

This is one of my wonderful music video.

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Release Ki kore parle tumi music video

This is my first music video after establishing shopnoghuri.

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Start Shopnoghuri Production Officially

With movie director JOY, I planed for creating a multimedia production house where we can try to practise our creativity and as well as a business too.

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Open My home studio

With the help and inspiration of Takiuddin Khan, I just purchase some musical instrument and establish a music studio in my home. Most of my music is composed here.


Achive 3rd position on Intra University Programming Contest

During my university period, after my 2nd semester I Participate intra university programming contest where most probably 40 team also participated. In fact this is my first programming contest. Using C language we fight and earned 3rd position on that event.


Join Bangladesh University of Business & Technology

After completing HSC I admit at BUBT to acquire my B.Sc.